This Is Frankie Futer’s Story

Frankie Futer, one of my four dachshunds, for the second time, lost control of his bladder and bowel movements due to a ruptured disc in his lower back.  He was paralyzed from the waist down.  Our vet recommended us to see a neurologist who suggested operating (because that’s their specialty).  In our emotional state and considering the alternative we said OK.  Frankie was four hours away from invasive surgery.  I was haunted with what we were going to subject my son to, I mean dog!  Seeking a second opinion we were eventually led to one of the doctors at Queens Animal Health, Dr. John Lu.  He was familiar with this procedure, and felt very confident that with his knowledge of Chinese acupuncture Frankie would respond well.  We all felt that this would be worth a try.  Within two weeks Frankie didn’t need to be diapered and shortly after was standing.  Within a few more weeks Frankie was bouncing and running around.  He is doing better today than ever.  He is only taking one capsule a day of Dr. Lu’s joint herb as a preventative maintenance.  I highly recommend consulting with the doctors at Queens Animal Health about any of your pets’ ailments.  Thanks so much Dr. Lu!!

Wanda and Vincent Miragalia
And the Farmingville Futers!
Farmingville, NY