Lucy Yang, Practice Manager

Lucy with Jordan

I knew as a child that I had a deep passion for animals. This is what gave me the drive to devote my time and life to help animals for the past 20 years. I started volunteering with my local animal hospital at age 16. I was offered a full time position with them a year later and this was the beginning of my career in animal health. During that time I graduated with a Regents Diploma in Animal Science from John Bowne High School and majored in Biology at Hunter College. I have had the wonderful experience of working with many different veterinarians helping them to care for and save animals. I started with Queens Animal Health in May 2015 and feel fortunate to be able to devote my skills to the talented, caring team we have here. I am a proud mom to my 5 rescue dogs; Jordan, Spencer, Shooki, Mooki and Lady.

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