There is no "small" or "simple" surgery. At Queens Animal Health, we take every surgical procedure seriously. We appreciate the stress and anxiety associated with your pet's surgical procedures. Our expertise, advanced training, and state-of-the art surgical room ensure your pet is receiving the highest quality veterinary care.

Our veterinarians, Dr. Lu and Dr. Bucalo have many years of hands on experience in performing veterinary surgeries. Our routinely performed procedures include spays/neuters, tumor removals, ingested foreign body removals, bladder stone removals, and dental extractions, etc. We are also prepared to handle emergency surgeries, such as C-sections, wound repairs or amputations, etc. Our surgical specialists, Dr. Infernuso and Dr. Dillon are specialized in performing orthopedic procedures including cruciate ligament repair, patellar luxation repair, fracture repair and herniated disc surgery, etc. During the procedure, we use human-grade anesthesia and monitor pet's vital signs to ensure safety. We also utilize optimal pain management and heated surgical table to ensure pet's comfort to a speedy recovery.

Queens Animal Health is a New York State Veterinary Medical Society accredited facility. To hold the honor, our practice excises the highest standard in every aspect of veterinary practice at any given time during our operation. Our 6000 square feet hospital is the largest general practice in the Queens area to our knowledge. We strive to keep our practice as a warm friendly place to our pet owners and their beloved pets. Most of our surgeries are performed at noon time and pets are discharged in the late afternoon same day. "There is no place like home", we believe the saying is true even medically. Pets sleep better and recover faster at home. Our surgeons represent a diversity in talents and personalities. Dr. Bucalo received her training at Queen Mary College in London, England and Veterinary College in Florida. Dr. Lu trained in Beijing, China and Purdue University, Indiana. Dr. Infernuso, a native Italian, received training in Madrid, Spain and Cornell University, New York. Dr. Dillion attended veterinary college in Texas. These talents and personalities melding together form a typical New York team and we are eager to serve our local community. Please contact us to get a free price quoting on surgeries.

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